HIX at Selfridges

Bar snax

Sample menu:

Pork crackling with apple sauce 4.25
Petit Lucque olives & almonds 4.25
Caribbean crisps with guacamole 4.25
Potted De Beauvoir smoked salmon 'Hix cure' 4.25
Parmesan cheese straws 4.25
Chips with curry sauce 3.25
Crispy squid with sweet chilli sauce 6.25
Buttermilk-fried chicken with kimchee ketchup 5.50

Mark's threesome - any three of the above for 12.50

British rock oysters - natural or Scrumpy-fried 2.75

Super snax
Avocado on toast with chilli 6.95
Ground rib steak burger 13.95
The Hixter BLC sandwich - Beef, lobster & chicken 25.00
A pair of slipper sandwiches - Fish Dog and Glenarm sirloin steak 9.75
Guernsey Goddess and Blue Monday with Yorkshire chutney 9.00
De Beauvoir smoked salmon 'Hix cure' with Corrigan's soda bread 14.50